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Lureza Spain

Lureza Spain

Foundation: 1862

Takeover by Grupo RB: 2013

Production: Distillation of Pine gum resin to produce rosin and turpentine and, basically, turpentine derivatives.

Location: Coca - Segóvia - Spain.

Main office: Madrid

Manufacturing Capacity: 17,000 ton/year of rosin derivatives; 10,000 ton/year of gum distillation.

Main markets: Cosmetic, adhesives, food, ink and varnishes and others.

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Manufacturing Unit – Itabox

Manufacturing Unit – Itabox

Takeover by Grupo RB: 2010

Production: Production of sawn timber (kiln dried with phytosanitary treatment - HT), wooden kits, pallets, box spring beds, wooden feet for beds, plastic and metal accessories for box spring beds. We provide service throughout the country and export pinus and eucalyptus wood.

Location: Itapetininga, in the state of São Paulo (SP), Brazil

Manufacturing Capacity: 120,000 box spring units/year.

Main markets: Furniture Sector, Mattress Manufacturers, Industrial Packaging Manufacturers and Consumers, Pallets and Wooden Artifacts.

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Resiflor, Sul Brasil and São Bento

Resiflor, Sul Brasil and São Bento

The São Pedro Forest Complex (RESIFLOR) is the main Grupo RB’s Forest Research and Development Center. Resiflor has a research nursery that works with grafting and recovery of tree individuals selected in the field. The company also has an orchard of potted seeds where not only controlled crossing is performed but also many experiments on resin tapping, forest management, genetic improvement and clonal orchard of seeds in the field.

Location: Guareí, in the state of São Paulo (SP), in Brazil.

The farms of Sul Brasil and São Bento also have experimental areas and seed orchards. Generally, the experiments are allocated in sandy soil (Resiflor) and clay soil (Sul Brasil and São Bento) to better know the interaction between treatments and these two types of soil.

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Nursery Jaó

Nursery Jaó

Center to produce Genetically Modified Seedlings of High Gum Resin Yield. That’s the place where seedlings are produced to supply the company’s own plantings, partnerships, incentives; this area also provides the seedlings that are sold to third parties.

This nursery has a vast clonal garden with many Pine species and hybrids adapted for planting in the whole country, aiming at the production of resin and wood. Moreover, the company has a cold room with great storage capacity for genetically improved seeds.

Location: Itapeva, in the state of São Paulo (SP)

Manufacturing Capacity: More than 12 million Pine seedlings a year.

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Global Presence

With well-structured and strategically located facilities -near the main Brazilian ports-, Grupo RB is ready to meet the needs of all its clients, spread over the five continents, with utmost efficiency.

Leading exporter in its sector in Latin America.

• Present in over 40 countries.

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