One of the major groups in production and trade of rosin and turpentine and their derivatives in Latin America, Grupo RB’s business is based on three pillars:

Forest Base

Operational Excellence



O Grupo RB iniciou suas atividades em 1992, a partir da associação de um grupo de empresários com vasta experiência no mercado de produtos resinosos, e cuja história familiar remonta ao início do século passado, em Portugal, através do Grupo Socer, fundado por Manuel Henriques Junior. Desde então, nossa trajetória de sucesso tem sido marcada por grandes conquistas:


Opening of the first rosin and turpentine production facility in the city of Manduri, in the state of São Paulo (SP).


The second rosin and turpentine production facility, Resinas do Paraná (Respar), begins to operate in the city of Sengés, in the state of Paraná (PR).


The group begins to diversify its activities by taking over Eucatex’s terpene derivative production facility in Salto, in the interior of the state of São Paulo.
Foundation of Socer Brasil. The company becomes responsible for the production of rosin and turpentine derivatives in partnership with Luresa - Spain.


Resinas Tropicais, the third rosin and derivative production facility, begins its operations in the city of Uberlândia, in the state of Minas Gerais (MG).


Grupo Socer is fully taken over by Grupo RB. Socer Brasil has ever since been fully controlled by Grupo RB


Grupo RB takes over 51% of the INDÚSTRIAl unit of AMBAR COLOFONIAS, a rosin and turpentine production facility located in the city of Rio Grande, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (RS). The unit is then renamed AMBAR RB.


That’s the beginning of the company’s second diversification stage when Itabox, a company specialized in the production and trade of box springs and pallets, starts its operations.
The group takes over 100% of AMBAR-RB’s shares. The company is then renamed RB Sul.


Grupo RB increases its production capacity when Itacol, its new rosin and turpentine production facility, located in the city of Itapetininga, in the state of São Paulo (SP), begins its operations.
Sweet Gum, a gum base production facility for the chewing gum industry, begins its operations.


The groups takes over the traditional company “La Unión Resinera Española S.A.” that produces resin gum derivatives and that has been the market leader in Spain since its foundation in 1898.


The group acquires the machinery from Decormant, a company that manufactures box spring feet, accessories and articulations. Now Grupo RB offers product testing to the market.


The company builds a specific reception unit for plastic used in resin tapping.


The company acquires one more nursery, located in the city of Itapeva, in the interior of the state of São Paulo.


Develop, produce and market differentiated products and services, ensuring competitive advantages for our partners and the sustainable business growth for the shareholders.


To be a global company, innovative and a reference in the markets in which it operates.


Team - Prioritize human value and work in an integrated manner, seeking innovation and continuous improvement.

Commitment - Promote and motivate people engagement, in a clear vision of their responsibilities and commitments within the company, focusing on planning, goals and the search for overcoming results.

Organization - Maintain an agile, coordinated structure that maximizes results.

Boldness - Have the courage and determination to overcome challenges and seek new limits.

Ethics - Act responsibly with all those who interact with our business.

Research and Development

Grupo RB continuously invests in the enhancement of its internal processes, products and services in order to meet our clients’ growing demand. Our philosophy is to search for products with greater added value where technology and performance are differentials.

Currently we have well-equipped facilities and staff fully devoted to the development of new products and technologies to produce Pine seedlings and goods.

In our forest development unit, on Resiflor Farm and Fazenda Sul Brasil, we maintain a clone garden with capacity to produce 10 million seedlings a year.

This same unit carries out important studies on the development of new varieties of seedlings not only to boost productivity (kg/resin a year) but also to generate seedlings that are more resistant to the climatic variations of the different regions in Brazil.

In the Salto (Socer) and Itapetininga (Sweet Gum) facilities, Grupo RB operates its laboratories for the development of new products and operates its pilot plants. The goal is to offer the market best performance products, hence guaranteeing our clients greater added value.

O Grupo RB is technologically competent and adopts the best manufacturing practices to offer unique quality, comparable to that of the world’s best companies.