Quality and Responsibility

Integrated Policy

Grupo RB, aware of the importance of integrated management (quality, environment, health and safety) now and in the future, commits itself to:

  • Meeting our clients’ and stakeholders’ expectations through actions aimed at enhancing its business management system;
  • Complying with legal requirements and other requirements applicable to business, from its pine forest integrated chain up to the processing stage of all its products;
  • Keeping a healthy and safe environment, focused on protecting the environment;
  • Conducting its activities in a conscious way to prevent pollution and to reduce waste, such as liquid and solid waste, among others.


Grupo RB’s Management is committed to implementing and managing the Integrated Management System by continuously making the many layers of the organization aware of the importance of fully meeting clients’ requirements. That is done by establishing an integrated policy and objectives, by promoting the usage of processes and risk mentality, by promoting people’s commitment so that they make the IMS more efficient and continually improve and by guaranteeing that there be resources available in an appropriate way. This way the company will be able to implement it, continuously improve it and preserve its efficacy.

The Directors, alongside Managers, determine the positive or negative internal or external issues that are relevant to the organization’s strategic purpose and direction and assess the impact in the IMS capacity to meet the intended targets.

Considering the influence of the interested parties over the company’s capacity in meeting clients’ requirements and the applicable legislations, the stakeholders pertaining to the IMS and their respective requirements are determined by the Directors and Managers who are monitored and critically analyzed in order to constantly update and maintain its service capacity.

With the objective of establishing and maintaining an efficient quality management system, Grupo RB has implemented actions to approach risks and opportunities. The Senior Management Team provides resources that are necessary in order to eliminate and/or mitigate risks. When the Team is planning its processes, it carries out actions through meetings to disseminate its Risk and Opportunity Mentality.


One of Grupo RB’s main commitments is to protect the environment, for we understand that business excellence depends on responsible use of natural resources as well as on the manufacture of environmentally-friendly goods.

We constantly seek to enhance our products and processes, always aiming at eliminating or reducing environmental impact. We also carry out actions with our employees and our community, seeking to raise people’s awareness about sustainable growth.

Environmental Management

  • We monitor and technically assess the processes of all our business units by controlling air emissions and noise, by treating our effluent emissions, and by complying with all legal requirements.
  • We manage waste by employing the best management practices in compliance with the National Policy of Solid Waste.
  • We offer an Environmental Education Program to employees and to the local community.
  • We are committed to using sustainable energy sources by prioritizing the consumption of renewable fuels and by controlling our air emissions.

Social Responsibility

As regards its working environment, Grupo RB focuses chiefly on the enhancement of health and quality of life.

By duly registering all our employees, we guarantee full compliance with all labor laws that govern the relationship between employee and employer. Moreover, we operate various support programs for rural workers in our forest units.

Grupo RB wishes to be recognized as a socially responsible company. To this end, the company maintains permanent community development programs that benefit mainly the surrounding communities where our employees live. This way, the group seeks to drive social and economic growth in the region where it operates.

  • Series of lectures for employees and the community, approaching health and safety-related issues, during the internal weeks for accident prevention;
  • Support to programs for the development of young workers, in which young professionals are given direct assistance to join the labor market;
  • Support to Municipalities and Public Safety Secretariats in anti-drug campaigns and other programs focusing on social improvement;
  • Participation in community programs for needy communities.

Health and safety

As Grupo RB is aware that accident prevention is important and a priority for its business, the group has established and complied with rigorous patterns in health and labor safety to preserve its employees’ physical integrity at work and to comply with current legislation.

Grupo RB is committed to ensuring a safe work environment through the following practices:

  • Encouraging employees to participate in the definition of strategies for reducing and eliminating existing risks in the work environment;
  • Staying compliant with all existing legal requirements applicable to business;
  • Investing in safety and health courses for its employees;
  • Carry out Health and Labor Safety Integration for all employees, focusing on dangers and risks existing in the activities and in the application of control measures;
  • Performing Safety Dialogs systematically to encourage all the employees to adopt a safe behavior;
  • Making campaigns to prevent accidents and illnesses to encourage and strengthen health and work safety procedures and risk prevention;
  • Constantly monitoring existing environmental risks in the work environment;
  • Constantly checking the results obtained through a global analysis of the management system in health and work safety to make sure prevention actions are effectively implemented;
  • Elaborate and implement prevention programs and procedures for the employees’ health and safety;
  • Provide appropriate safety equipment approved by all the employees.

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